★ Salman Khan impressed with artists!

Jan 25th, 2012
Salman Khan impressed with artists!
Despite his busy film schedules, Salman Khan recently took time out to in augurate good friend and artist Rouble Nagi’s art exhibition ‘Strokes of Strength’. And sources say that the Bollywood star who is a painter himself, was impressed by her new works. “ I like her paintings very much, especially her murals ,” said Salman.
The actor revealed that he also owns some of her earlier paintings. “ I have some of her paintings. In fact, my sister Alvira has a lot of her murals. She is really good at what she does. Her work makes sense to me, even if it is abstract. This collection is one of her best works so far ,” the actor added.
Rouble — who has studied fine art from the Slade School of Fine Art, London and studied Europeanarts at Sothebys, London — admitted that Salman’s support has meant a lot to her. “I have known Salman for more than six years. He inaugurated my first ever solo exhibition here ‘Rhythm of colors’ in 2007 and he also inaugurated ‘Strokes of Strength’ in 2012 even though he was busywith his films. He has been very lucky for me,” says Rouble. And now inspired by his words of encouragement, the artist has decided to go international with her exhibitions.
Rouble will be exhibiting in Dubai,Singapore, London and New York.“It is all thanks to him and his appreciation for my art that several offers came my way and people who I wanted to work with approached me. His confidence, faith and love has helped me come a long way. I could never thank him enough,” she adds. But these exhibitions apart, the artist is said to be equally inspired by Salman’s ‘Being Human’ organisation and has been reaching out to the underprivileged via her own NGO, Rouble Nagi Art Foundation.