★ CCL 3: Salman Khan to cheer for Mumbai Heroes!

Anupriya Kumar | Feb 08, 2013,
★ CCL 3: Salman Khan to cheer for Mumbai Heroes!
New Delhi: The Celebrity Cricket League is back again. And it promises to be bigger, bolder andeven more exciting this time. “The idea behind CCL traces its roots to the charity matches we organised in 2003, 2005 and 2010. Those matches saw the participation of members from the Telugu film industry,” said, Vishnu Vardhan Induri, Founder and Managing Director of CCL, in an exclusive chat with Daily Bhaskar. “The response from viewers to the matches looked more than encouraging- ratings shot past even those of reality shows and blockbusters movies being aired on television back then!” recalls Induri. The serial entrepreneur from Hyderabad then decided to expand the scopeof the tournament and include more movie industries from across the nation. The decision eventually led to the inaugural CCL tournament in 2011. The first CCL tournament was contested by four teams-Chennai Rhinos, Telugu Warriors, Mumbai Heroes and Karnataka Bulldozers- representing the Tamil, Telugu, Mumbai and Kannada film industry, respectively. “The 2011 series was dismissed by many as mere exhibition matches and wasnot taken seriously. However, the tournament actually did extremelywell, prompting the Star Network to join us as our broadcasting partner for CCL’s 2012 chapter.” 2012 saw the tournament grow further with two more teams representing Malayalam and the Bengali film industries joining the League. ‘Salman to be present atMumbai matches’ Amid speculation about Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s presenceat the tournament, Induri confirmed “Salman Khan is expected to be present at matches that will be played by theMumbai team, supporting and promoting the team brother Sohail Khan owns.” “With their gruelling schedules, it is really difficult for film stars to travel extensively, reach all venues and attend all the matches. “However, it is their passion for the game that’s driving them to make this splendid effort to come together and be a part of this event,” Induri added. On his expectations from defending champions, Chennai Rhinos and the other teams involved in the contest this year, Induri said he expected a tough fight from everyteam and was confident of an exciting tournament ahead. “Each team is strong and none of them can be declared clear favourites. Last year, there were many tight matches that went to the last ball, and we don’t expect this year to be any different.” The two new teams, Bhojpuri Dabanggs and Veer Marathas, must not be taken lightly or ruled out either, said Induri. “It might be slightly challeging for the new teams to play before an audience this huge- we are expecting a full house of about 65,000 for tomorrow’s game at Kochi. That said. I am confident the new teams are also excited and raring to go.” Upon being asked whether female actors can be expected to play the tournament anytime in the future, Induri said that since female actors mostly work across film industries, they cannot be expected to be part of specific teams! “And yet, many of our leading ladies will be present at the matches, cheering for their teams and making sure the glamour quotient remains high till the final match is played.”