★ Salman Khan spotted at the Mumbai Airport

Jul 21st, 2013
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Salman Khan spotted  at the Mumbai  Airport
Salman Khan was spotted at the Mumbai domestic airport as he returned from Hyderabad last night, where he was shooting for his film Mental with Sohail Khan. Word has it that Salman was coming in to attend Aamir Khan‘s Ship of Theseus screening and after party, but due to a delayed flight, couldn’t make it in time.

★ Salman Khan upset with stories about Lulia being dug out

The current schedule of the Salman starrer Mental has encountered a massive crisis.
Salman Khan upset  with stories about  Lulia being dug out
Salman Khan is livid, and with reason. Pictures of his apparent current girlfriend Lulia Vantur with her alleged ex-husband Marius Moga splashed in a daily has not gone down well with the star at all.

The fact that Ms Vantur is with Salman in Hyderabad has only worsened his embarrassment and anger.

And the discomfort of the Mental unit which is being subjected to the cold treatment by Salman.

Says a source from Hyderabad, “Right now, things are extremely tense here at Ramuji Rao Studios where we’re shooting.
We haven’t seen Bhai in such a foul mood for a very long time.

See, he cannot stand a woman being disrespected. He can take any kind of dirt on his chin. But to have any woman close to him being splashed in such a dirty manner, he can’t take.”

The source says, “Bhai is not talking to anyone, not even to Sohail. He keeps to himself and hegenerally glowers and snaps at everyone.

He is working-out twicethe normal time to flush out all hisanger. We know it is because he is very upset about the way his friend (read: Lulia) has been projected as someone with a past.

Everyone has a past. He thinks it is very uncool to dig up someone’s past history to spoil her present.”

Source: bollywoodhungama

★ Salman Khan and Venkatesh to co-star in Hindi film soon

DC | Sandeep Atreysa | 06th Jul 2013
Salman Khan and  Venkatesh to co-star in Hindi film soon
If everything goes according to plan, superstars Salman Khan and Venkatesh will soon co-star in a Hindi film.

Spilling the beans, a source close to Venkatesh says, “Talks are going on. The two are discussing a few scripts. Both are keen on working with each other. It will definitely be a Hindi film.”

He adds, “Salman and Venkatesh are having a great time bonding with each other between their shoots.

After the shoot, the duo roams on bikes (separately) in and around Film City in Hyderabad.”

When contacted, Venkatesh was quite upbeat about the bonding. “Shootings of our films are taking place very close by. Whenever I get some time, I drop by the sets of his film. While we’re shooting a few action scenes for our Telugu remake of Bol Bachchan, Salman isbusy with the action sequences for Mental.”

Venkatesh adds, “We’re good friends. We are more than friends. Salman is very close to our family and he’s our well-wisher and vice versa. I’m having a great time with him. I’d definitely like to work with him.”

The actor, however, plays down the upcoming project with Salman Khan. He says, “The project is on the cards. But nothing has been finalised yet.”